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Storm Chase Day 1 June 9, 2009

A quick rundown of today....

At 11am I had an appointment. Then Carrie, my sister, and I hooked up with Andrew, my fiancé, for lunch. I wanted to see him before I took off ;)

Gotta Get Going

Christie at first gas station

We were on the road by 1:30 and our plan was to head into Oklahoma. Storms were forecast in South Kansas...moderate risk too, but we couldn't make that in time. Dang appointment! We listened to a Storm Chase 2009 music mix I made. We spoke about our target town and picked Ardmore, Oklahoma. Just North of that town was a State Park we wanted to check out. I'd seen it briefly years ago and wanted another look at it.

We traveled up I-45 and managed to arrive in Dallas at rush hour. Traffic was horrible. We took 75 to 635 to 35E all the way past Denten. After that battle we made it to the other side. Carrie and I were playing the VWbug game. I counted 19 total and was 8 up on her ;)

Dallas Texas

 VWBug vs. Star Wars Theory

You ever notice that VWbugs are mainly near towns? One doesn't see them on the back roads very often. Makes me think of Star Wars. :P TIE fighters don't have warp speed capabilities, so they have to still close to the mothership...maybe VWbugs don't have warp speed so they have to stay close to the city!?! haha...

We found a smartcar that was blue and white...had the license plate of R2D2- 4 2....we got a great laugh off that.

Carrie enjoying the ride

With a Song

Ponder's Restaurant in Ardmore, Oklahoma

Entering Oklahoma we bust out in duet singing Oklahoma...never mind we couldn't remember all the words, which was half the fun! lol

We found ourselves tired and ready to stop in Ardmore, Oklahoma. Funny thing is right were our hotel is a restaurant is and its name is Ponder's....hahaha.... know I owned a restaurant did you!?! haha...

But now we are chilling...

Our target zone is Northern Oklahoma right at the corner of Oklahoma, Kansas, and Missouri.

Using Streets & Trips

Estimated gas cost at $4 a gallon (note: most stations were around $3.59) $50.07

Actual gas costs: $22, $20.61, and $9.83 $52.44

Dinner at Crackerbarrel, split meal $15 total. 

Hotel cost: $65

Day 2


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