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StormChase Day 3

Well, Carrie and I poured over the maps today once again. NOAA hasn't been doing a good job of forecasting there severe weather. The severe weather bubble was centered over Texarkana, AR. I didn't think we'd get anything, but there was the slight chance of storms firing up again. So we headed into Arkansas.

Diggin' for Diamonds

First we went to Crater of Diamonds State Park. Ummm, yeah...its a big field where you go out an dig and get dirty looking for tiny diamonds. I'm a rock hound, so I've been wanting to check it out. Didn't do much for me, but I do have a bucket to examine when I get home. Will I visit again? Ya would be great for kids. It would get them out and muddy/dirty searching for rocks, using tools, learning science and then afterwards they could go back to camp and change into their swimsuit. They have an awesome kids pool. Complete with waterslide and playground equipment! Too cool.
more on Diamond Crater with more images

NOAA is still putting this area in the severe weather potential so we are going to continue to stay around here. After checking the weather we hit a rock shop. I love rocks..hehe...Got something to put in Andrew's and my new apartment we plan to get in the Fall.

We then drove to Hot Springs, Arkansas. Went to the museum and then walked up and down Central. It's like a fancy Strand, but with lots of alcohol. Many bars in many locations. We found a small Mexican place for a nice meal. Until that point we had had snacks all day. I sit here now with the 'to go' ice tea they gave me. :)

Then we went to the tower. This was my favorite part of the day. We stayed up there for an hour and watched the sunset in a myriad of reds and oranges as little lights came on across the hilly landscape twinkling like little stars as we looked down on them. For more images and more details of the Tower visit Hot Springs Tower Page

We saw storm clouds try to power up, but they quickly fell apart. So the severe weather risk for this area ended with clear skies all day and partly cloudy in the evening. Then as we left the tower we were treated to a tiny lightshow as the road was dotted with fireflies all the way down to Hwy7 making it magical. 

I talked briefly to Andrew, who was at work today. It was good...I was pretty tired and it perked me up a bit. :)

On TV I see a nice cell that popped up and crossed into Austin, Tx. Now that cell would have been good to chase, but I sure didn't wanna do the drive.

We just got out of work too late this year. I may have to take off one of these years to chase when the storm chasing is at its peak.

Tomorrow we may do some heavy driving again to go to a cave. I'm not sure, we will see how we feel tomorrow. We should start heading back soon...Carrie has a class Monday and I'm tired and eager to see Andrew. :)

Using Streets & Trips

Approximate mileage: 186.3

Estimated gas cost at $4 a gallon (note: most stations were around $3.59) $27.60

Actual gas costs: $18.21 

Dinner at Mexican place, very nice. 

Hotel cost: about $90

Day 4


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