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Welcome to the 2010 Storm Season!

This year started off very cold! We had snow in Houston in December. A trip to East Texas gave us a chance to see 5 inches of snow, which my sister, Carrie, and I had never seen before. Then the storms were later than ever in starting. The first storm was May 14th! May 17th Andrew and I were still living in Sugar Land and got an awesome lightning storm. Once we moved into our new house we received a massive wind storm. However, after that storm rain was slight and there were no storms. It is December 23rd as I finish this page and we are in a drought with a burn ban. We haven't received hardly any rain making this one of the dryest winters on record.


Snow in East Texas Feb.10/11th



Small Lighting storm with wind May 14th



Awesome lightning show May 17th

Last storm August 23th 









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