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June 21, 2008- Severe Storms in Houston Texas

My sister, Carrie, had just gotten home from College. I asked her to run an errand with me. While we were out I saw this wonderful storm cloud form. The lightning was non-stop. We headed out just as it began to rain. 

We decided to move ahead of the storm. Using the internet on my cell phone we looked at radar. Carrie and I decided to chase. :) Our decision was to keep ahead of the storm for a bit then to swing in behind it for hopefully...some water/lightning shots. We headed out to Freeport. 

The storm had hit severe limits and we realized it was not going towards Freeport directly. We needed to head further east, toward Galveston. Just as we got close to Lake Jackson, we turned east onto 2004. We followed this road all the way to hwy 6. Carrie stayed on the phone with our friend and fellow chaser/photographer Mark Egan, gave us his analysis of the storm. He reported a hook right at our location. 

Mom called not too long after that and said there were reports from Pearland about a tornado hitting. This was quite a storm. We continued along 2004 then turned south on Hwy 6. Once we got onto the feeder of I45 into Galveston, we saw there was a wreck on the bridge. It was bad enough to make us change our plans, as traffic was crawling. We pulled onto a public boat ramp for some awesome rainbow and lightning shots. 

We headed back home after a successful storm chase. :)


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